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 Idaho Outdoor Association

    June Board Meeting 2017

    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 7:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    IOA Board Meeting 6-27-17

    Attendance: Ray Madril, Nick Ray, Frank Burke, Brian Loomis, and Vicky Jewell Guerra 

    7:16 PM Call to Order by Ray M.

    1) Treasurers Report (TR) –

    Pay Pal deposits are accounted for but their code/classification is unknown at this time. The 162.94 deposit is a combination of LNT and Crater Crawl.

    a. Standard monthly expenses. Terravita for spraying was mentioned last month. Leave No Trace (LNT) re-instatement fee paid, LNT food, and LNT insurance were extra expenses.

    Motion to except TR passed.

    Action: Ray & Vicky to work out the pay pal item.

    2) Grounds Report –

    a. Mowing: Found a person to mow for 60.00 per month. It was decided we may need up to 5 mowings. Do not need to have them Mow in Oct if not necessary. Nick worked on the yard but requested it needs to be done before the 4th of July. Motion passed to hire them.

    Action: Vicky to hire Jesus of MaxCo. Contact information to Nick as grounds lead.

    b. Patio: Nick reported that the patio can be installed with limited leveling, but edge stones would be at a slant. Vicky raised concern that if people are drinking and they tripped due to spacing of stones, we would have insurance claims. Brian raised the issue of the slant being a safety concern. Slant would have to be tested with a few stones. He shared a layout which would include some plants. Would need to install irrigation line prior to laying stones. [After the meeting adjourned we walked out and looked at the area. It’s not a large area and the slant issue seemed to be less of a concern but the “pilot/test” will be done.]

    Action: Nick to estimate costs of irrigation/sand/grading/etc., needed to complete the project. Identify day and time to do the work.

    c. Cover for entrance: Mentioned so we don’t forget to do this before winter.

    Action: Brian to bring in estimate.

    3) a. Facility Report –

    Assist with Rental management. Sign up sheet for rental on call was mentioned but tabled since Kathy R was not present. We talked about the need to have signed contracts available on-line, any verbal agreements documented, dates and time of rentals (should be able to get from calendar), organization contact. Ray is going to look into using one phone number that may be able to be forwarded to the on-call so we don’t have to give out personal numbers.

    No action taken for now. Thought some more discussion with Kathy present would be best.

    4) Events – a. LNT wrap up: It was a good experience. We came close to or just covered expenses. Once all costs are in, Vicky will work up a break-even point for future offerings. Everyone in attendance will receive electronic certificates ($1.00 each) when the class is closed out.

    Action: Brian to submit all expenses and close out class. Vicky to identify income vs expenses. Vicky to check with Ted on his assessment of our use.

    b. Winter LNT training opportunity: Back Country Skiers Association would like to have an LNT class in January of 2018. Brian thought Beaver Creek Guard Station would be a good location to host this. When it is available, we need to book it. Motion passed.

    Action: Brian to secure Beaver Creek site and date. Vicky to establish min. charge/budget (carry over from previous).

    c. Crater Crawl : Third Saturday in Sept. (the 16th this year). 8 have entered so far. Need to get Sponsor wrapped up. Terravita is on board again. Cost of 25.00 per person will go up on July 4th to 35.00 per person.

    Action: Everyone get in Sponsors.

    d. Eclipse/Annual Camp out: Event will be Friday evening through Monday mid-day. Members Free. Guests $10.00 / person. Sunday evening dinner will be provided by the IOA. RSVP will be set up on Wild Apricot (WA) site. Prior to event, we have another work day to work on out house(s). Group identified July 23, Aug 12 and/or 13th.

    Action: Ray to set up RSVP for WA. Everyone to sign up on WA. Vicky/Shay to check membership information on WA (Ray can help with this if we need him to). Specifically checking to see that people are listed and the correct (Family/Individual) category is identified. Vicky to check with Ted on work day, task.

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM..... 

    3401 S. Brazil St. , P.O. Box 15943, Boise, ID 83715

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